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Hood Feminism: Notes from the women that a movement forgot- By Mikki Kendall

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Personally, I have always considered myself a feminist because I believe that political, social and economic inequalities exist, and until all that is matched up, I'll remain a feminist.

With that being said, I’ve always struggled with some concepts of mainstream feminism. Forgive my bluntness, but it seems to me that, too often, the movement completely ignore basic issues that many women face on a daily. I believe that acknowledgement, accountability and activism are needed in order to overcome the issues with mainstream feminism that are simply indigestible.

Anyways, When a good friend suggested that I read Hood feminism, I ordered the book Immediately. Fast forward to many weeks later, I finally picked up the book from my bookshelf and was wowed from the first chapter, I was hit dead in the face with facts and the cold reality.

I did not expect to walk away with so much new information; so, it’s only fitting to post an in-depth review of this uppercut of a book. Hands down one of the best non fiction book I have read lately! It needs to be placed in the hands of everyone who consider themselves a feminist/equalist.

I finished it all in just over a week, it was by no means an easy read, in fact, the anecdotes Kendall highlight about her life and those who unjustly suffers are heartbreaking and hard to digest at times.

~In a series of 18 provocative essays, Kendall challenges the legitimacy of the mainstream feminism movement. She argues that the movement has failed to address the needs of ALL women (we rarely talk about basic needs as a feminist issue).

· Food insecurity

· Access to quality education

· Medical needs

· A living wage

· Safe neighborhoods

“My Feminism is not centered on those who are comfortable with the status quo because ultimately that road can never lead to equality for girls like me” Mikki Kendall

Kendall points out numerous feminist issues, yet they are almost never talked about. However though, modern day feminism seems to primarily focus on increasing “privileges” for the few who sometimes have most of their needs meant.

In one of my favorite essays in the book “Hunger” Kendall writes

“Hunger, real hunger, provokes desperation and leads to choices that might otherwise be unfathomable.”

Drawing from her own experiences, she presents a compelling case to prove her point---and I’m here for all of it. That’s perhaps why Hood feminism resonate so much with me. The authors raw and direct approach on dissecting some major issues within the feminist movement is refreshing and needed. It was such an insightful read and it helped me realize that it is impossible to proclaim yourself a feminist when you’re only fighting for rights that directly affects you. Yes, we must continue to advocate causes like equality but we must also advocate for access to education, gun violence, and more.

Book Review- If you are looking for more information about issues concerning intersectional feminist, this book is a great start.

All in all, I highly recommend this book!


Stephanie Taïna


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