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A little Quarantine check-in

Hello there friends 👋🏽 long time no chat.

Happy Friday ya'll! Yes I know Friday is not my usual posting day, but I honestly never really know what day it is anymore, so let's pretend it's Monday. In any case, How's everyone doing? How are you keeping busy? How's your mental? Please let me know, I would love to hear form you all. I've had no motivation to blog lately, I have immersed myself in other creative projects but for some reason, I simply can't find the proper inspiration to blog and that makes me really sad. I did however want to get on here today just to say hello 🤗 I also I miss all your wonderful feedback and kind words. Hopefully this will be the beginning of me being consistent again.

Whew, I am sure we can all agree, It has been a questionable two months for all of us. I am usually a pretty positive person, but let's be honest here 🗣 the first season of 2020 simply sucks! My heart goes out to everyone who has lost loved ones during these terrible times. I have no words to describe how sad this whole mess is. And to you wonderful essential workers, thank you!

The hysteria this virus has placed upon us is absolutely ludicrous, my anxiety level fluctuates from 0 to 100 real quick. I have been doing a lot of things to stay grounded and sane. As I type right now, I am doing a social media/phone cleanse because Lord knows I have become fixated with my phone since this whole thing started. I've also been doing a lot of not so normal things to cope.


YouTube DIY Videos

My creativity has been at an all-time high! I decided to redecorate my living space and since I can't run to home goods or marshals for decorations, I challenged myself to create different items using things lying around the house.



A little preview of some of my new babies

By now, you all may know that I am slightly obsessed with my plant collection (okay, more like overly obsessed). Many thanks to my local plant nursery, in less than 1 month, my collection tripled lol. What can I say #plantsmakemehappy



Someone need to delete my #Amazon account 😞 there I said it. To my defense, I only purchase "good" things 😁 like books, and i mean a lot of books (currently waiting for 15 to be delivered) also vinyl records because music is life and I won't mention the rest because they are not important. haha


P.S remember to check on your strong friends. I am considered to be "The Strong friend" in my mini circle and i'll be the first to say strong doesn't mean invincible.

Stay safe and healthy friends


Stephanie Taina


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