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Bali: Travel Guide- Everything you need to know

The Bali Travel Guide is finally here!!! I know I am super late... but better late than never😊

The mere mention of South East Asia instantly transport my mind to millions of #instagram photos that I have drooled over the past few years. I imagine a serene and luscious place with a distinctively rich culture, secrete temples and delicious cuisine. Let's just say Indonesia did not disappoint.


Flight and Transportation

I used #skycanner to book all my flights to South East Asia. I purchased my Bali flight a bit late because I did not have an itinerary, I was basically jumping from island to island. I flew directly from Singapore to Indonesia's 3rd busiest airport Bali - Nguran International Airport via Cebu Pacific Airlines. Flying time was a little under 4 hours. I arranged transportation in advance but you can easily take a cab to your hotel or #Airbnb just make sure you have cash.


Like many touristic destinations, try not to change large sums at the airport. You will most likely find better rates once you're fully settled. However!!!! be very careful and definitely count your money every-time you exchange something. ( I made that mistake so many times and your girl was definitely victimized by cheating money-changers with their slick tricks) Also, I would suggest downloading a currency app to help with rates and conversion.


In general Indonesia is a pretty affordable place to visit. Traveling experiences will largely depend on your traveling style and your budget. If you're anything like me and you're not in search of the most #Instagrammable and luxury resorts, you won't need a ton of money to have a relatively great experience.

**Side note- Bali is very modern I had no problem using my debit or credit card or finding ATM anywhere.


For packing purposes, think of hot and humid. Opt for lightweight, cotton/quick dry clothing. Keep your packing very minimal and casual and if you somehow run out of clothes, try to take advantage of the amazing shopping experience Bali has to offer.

Don't forget ⬇

  • Sarongs- which you can purchase there ( many Hindu temples require you to cover up)

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses


Where I stayed

First stop- Kuta

Comeback Guesthouse- Is a cultured full little cabin village tucked away from the

busy streets of #Kuta. It is a very minimalist villa with only 9 very unique cabins, a beautiful pool and free breakfast (which comes in handy). I stayed there for 3 nights for under 100 dollars 😲 yes you read that right! The greenery of this place is unreal; once you're in the village, one truly feels like you're in a hidden tropical juggle.Very calm, plenty of privacy and an awesome staff , walking distance to bars and restaurants---and only 10 mins from the beach by motorbike.

*** What to do In #Kuta

In general, Kuta is great place to start your trip, very close to the airport, lots of great restaurants and beaches but honestly it was way too touristy for my taste. Thank goodness the villa I stayed in was low key and charming.


Next Stop- Ubud

Tegal Umanis Villa

Now if you have seen the movie or read the book #EatPrayandLove than you pretty much have an idea how magical this town is. Ubud is without a doubt the cultural center of Bali, everything about it is an experience. My stay at Tegal Villa was so amazing I ended up extending my stay for 2 more days, I ended up paying a total of 140 dollars for a 7 day stay . If you are thinking of a place where you can relax, meditate, do yoga, basically unplug, this villa is for you. There The Villa itself is very modernly built and decorated surrounded by rice paddies on all sides. The place is just a 10 minute bike ride to Ubud center, the monkey forest and Ubud market.

*** What to do in #Ubud

This place is a Gem! If you appreciate culture, wellness and history, this is your place.


  • UBUD ART MARKET- Bargain your heart out

  • UBUD MONKEY FOREST - I skipped the forest because I am simply not about the monkey life 😁



Third and last stop- Canggu

Red Salt Cafe Villa and Huts

Canggu is a charming little seaside village on the south side of Bali. There is this perfect combination of greenery, culture and artsy vibe in Canggu that makes it appealing to everyone. If you're into surfing, this is the place for you! The Red Salt Villas are simply breathtaking; the dreamy aesthetic that runs through this place is simply magical. There is the cutest little hipster vibe cafe right on the property; where you can get both authentic and westernize food. I payed 100 dollars for 4 nights a 5 day stay.

*** What to do in Canggu,

  • Go to the beach and watch the sunset - There is NOTHING like a Canggu sunset, beach and atmosphere.


****Last thing when in Bali....#EAT and #Drink @ every cafe/ Warung possible - I cannot stress this enough, in fact I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices I had.

Well, that is all I can remember about my solo trip to Indonesia. So yeah, if you are going to Bali the most Important thing to remember is to eat all the delicious food and everything else comes after.


Stephanie Taina


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