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Monday Magic - Are we Thankful Enough?

Happy Monday!

Now those are words you rarely hear, especially with an exclamation mark after.

It is currently Monday morning 7am to be precise and I am In Starbucks typing this post. First let me be honest (the purpose of me being here this early is to edit the post I wrote yesterday ( about hidden GEMS In Princeton ) but Monday got to me again… I got Inspired). so yeah, this post Is definitely not about Princeton.

Anyways, as I sit In my comfortable chair drinking my overpriced and overly processed American coffee, I took a second to people watch. For about five minutes I simply observed people’s demeanor and aura as they stroll into this place.

About five minutes later, I thought "wow, 7 out of 10 people that walks in here appears to be miserable".

I mean It’s sad to see, barely anyone made eye contact, smiled or even a simple good morning NOTHING!

Oh, course If I were to ask any of these folks why they looked so unhappy the answer would be something like “oh I’m okay, it’s just Monday” <----- the lies we tell ourselves right.

Once upon a time (literally a few days before Christmas last year) I too hated and blamed Mondays for everything.

My very legit reasons went like this.

  • · For the sake of hating Mondays

  • · Because everyone else hate Mondays

  • · Because I hate my job

  • · Because I never want the weekend to end.

  • · Because Mondays forces me to face reality—…. I can go on and on.

Changed woman here

Last year Christmas eve was on a Monday and I remember how happy I was, Just preparing for my favorite holiday made me forget how much I hated mondays . Two weeks later, January 7th also a Monday , my mood was completely different. I remember not wanting to get out of bed and thinking of every reason to call out of work. I miserably walked into my classroom, with the "today just sucks attitude" the students and colleagues were also wretched. I texted a friend of mine to meet me for happy hour after work and her reply was “uhm, Stephanie, Its Monday.”

Long story short, I was at happy hour alone --- And it was perfectly FINE. After a drink, I went across the street and watched a movie. That was it! My mood completely changed.

That night while self-reflecting, I realized my day was actually full, productive and fun.

You see It wasn’t Monday I hated, it was the simple fact that I placed a limit on my days. I allowed myself to be consumed by silly notions and others beliefs. I am not sure how much sense Im making right now but What I’m trying to say is Once I realized “our lives don’t have to magically become dull or end just because it's Monday” My perception completely changed.

Basically, what we do for ourselves each day to make them meaningful makes all a difference. We need at least try to take a stand and not let society dictate so much of our daily life and how we feel......Oh, and we need stop blaming Mondays.

"Cultivate an attitude of gratitude "

Thanksgiving is upon us, lets challenge ourselves to find meaning in everyday this week. Let’s not shy away from expressing appreciation and thankfulness in all aspects.

*Fun fact- In the last few months, I noticed this specific day (MONDAY) connects with my Imaginative personality the most. Almost all my significant and exciting ventures are decided on a Monday. I'm not sure why.

By: Stephanie Taina



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