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Nostalgic Christmas-Happy Memories

It's officially 1 day until my favorite holiday: Tis the season ya'll 😍. Much like many things, I credit my profound love for Christmas to Haiti. As a child the days leading up to Christmas were consist of all the kids in the neighborhood preparing to show off our cool outfits at the annual Christmas fair; which was held a short walk from my house. Every year, the neighborhood came together to decorate for the fair while the children practiced for the Christmas play. I especially loved the fact that my mother always had her own stand full of toys and games. When I was 7, my brother and I came up with a super clever raffle game----so mommy allowed us to hold our very own stand at the Christmas fair( we spent the money as fast as we made it lol).

Now that I'm thinking back, "Santa and "Presents" were never the highlights of my Christmas. My late grandmother possibly played the most Important role in shaping my love for Christmas. She passed when I was 8 years old yet, I vividly remember reserving Christmas morning just for her. Unlike many Haitian household, church wasn't our mandatory stop on Christmas day. Instead my grandmother packed us in a pickup truck to go feed the less fortunate. We made several stops ( In Haiti many of the homeless are found in front of churches, cemeteries, shopping malls etc.). We spent about four hours serving sandwiches, chips, coffee/hot chocolate, Juices and personal hygiene kits that my mother and aunts had put together the night before.

"Walk with your head up...your'e my granddaughter" -Carmita Bodo Charles.

--- Those were her words to me whenever I walked with my head down---

To be completely honest, I don't remember a lot of things about my grandmother, however those Christmas mornings, will forever be cherished. The passion that she had and traditions she left behind inspire me daily. Without knowing It at the time, those few years taught me so much about the Christmas Spirit while building my character ( sharing love and Joy, working together, being creative etc.)----the simple things in life we tend to often take for granted.


Fast forward to 2019

Nearly 30 years of age and without exaggerating at all I can proudly tell you my Christmas playlist has been on repeat since November 1st and just in my room alone I have two Christmas trees 🤷‍♀️

My two trees lol

My love for this holiday has actually grown even more over the years. The simple spirit of giving and sharing still warms me up. I am convinced the world is simply happier on this special day. Everyone becomes a bit more "festive" in their own way, even New Yorkers are happy ( that has to count for something). Regardless of your belief, there is Just something so magical about the end of a year.

My Christmas Wish

My wish this year is that each and everyone of us get to experience a little of magic on Christmas day. There is so much good in us. I just hope we see that soon.

P.S. I would love to read all your wonderful Christmas traditions. Don't hesitate to share😘

Merry Christmas Everyone

God Bless


Stephanie Taina


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