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Social Media/Phone detox

“We all make mistakes. But Social media can frame those mistakes and display them infinitely” --Unknown

Oh, Social media! The thing we hate to admit we are addicted to. It is no secret that social media has it's great abilities to bring the world together with just a few likes and comments, so we should be appreciative of the simple fact that we are now more connected. On the flip side, saying the balance is completely equal with the pros and cons would be naive. We can all agree that social media has taken over our lives. We are living in a time where social media can affect our happiness, self-esteem, anxiety and more. Therefore we must be very careful on how much time we spend on these apps and what we are actually gaining from them.

" We are what we share, do, and say... rather we are on or offline".

Being an avid social media user for many years, it was time for a break. In late 2018, I suddenly started to lose control of my feeds, I remember being so upset about the posts and contents that were being displayed on my page. Everything seemed so negative, sad and just did not relate to who I am, my morals and beliefs --- nothing seemed to resonate with the positive mindset that I was aiming for. To make matters worse, I realized I was spending an average of 3 or more hours mindlessly scrolling. In July of 2018 I decided to quit social media for 30 days.

I deleted my Snap-chat account completely and placed my Instagram on hold. The first few days were unbearable, I had to completely change my daily routine. As soon as I turn my phone on, my fingers automatically went on the spot where my Instagram icon once was. When my brain realized it was no longer there, my fingers went to the place where the Snap-chat icon once was- and that repeated itself for many days.

Let’s just say those 30 days were not easy for whatsoever. Did I get through it? Of course I did, with great success I must add. I now do a social media cleanse every time I feel like it--- sometimes it's once a month for a week or two, sometimes it is for a whole month or more, it varies from time to time. The truth is, stepping away from the social media aspect of things is a healthy ritual that should be promoted more.

Healthy Habits/Hobby

With no #IG and #Snapchat feed to scroll through, I realized how much time I suddenly had for myself and quickly started developing healthier habits. I started reading more, writing more, listening to music that made me happy , meditating, nurturing my plants and connecting a little bit more with people. There is so much out there to do.


Reminder to be grateful

Everyone post their best pictures on social media, their best vacation etc. It is easy to get sucked in and believe the notion that---- Everyone is living their best life. EXCEPT for you---- Breaking up with social media even for a short time helps put things in perspective. I have so much to be grateful for, so much that others do not have. There is so much more to life then comparing lives and saying “oh, he/she is lucky for being on vacation.


I have never been more creative! Honestly whenever I have writers block or simply unable to mentally focus, I stay away from technology in general. We all had that science teacher in middle school that told us how technology rots the brain, yeah she/he was right. Who knows the amazing things we can come up with when we are not witlessly scrolling on FB or IG.

Put your phone down and out of reach

Phone cleanse, have you ever heard of that? I now go beyond social media and disconnect myself from my phone completely every 2 months. It is honestly one of the most liberating feeling ever. Our phones has become an extension of us and I am not sure how I feel about that. Have you ever have one of those instant panic, heart racing, searching the entire universe for your phone? Just to suddenly realize it was in your back pocket the whole time.


I call it phone separation anxiety people haha. Quite frankly, I do not think a simple gadget should cause anyone that much anxiety even if it's just for a few minutes. So that's one of the reasons I started doing phone cleansing every so often, I did not like the attachment I developed with my phone over the years. It is mad but that little device had a hold on me that impacted my daily routines greatly.


The other/equally important reason was that --my phone was getting in the way of my ME time-- and that did not sit well with my peace of mind. Being able to simply be by myself, think for myself, and channeling that inner compass was impossible because I was constantly interrupted by phone calls, texts etc. I couldn't make one single decision without others altering my view or persuading me to think otherwise - which sucked. People had access to me in ways that made me feel powerless. I came to the conclusion that I had to become Inaccessible; the only way for me to achieve that was to retrain myself from my phone.


Filter out outside thoughts and opinions, learn to let your gut feeling dictate your days.


Stephanie Taina


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