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The relationship with personal style- How to find your "uniqueness" in dressing.

How did you find your sense of style?

I never really know how to respond to this Inquiry. I would love to say the usual cliche "fashion runs in my blood and blah blah blah, but that simply isn't true. I have spent lots of time in the last decade trying to find myself as a person and the more I become; The more I polish my personal style. It has been hilarious looking back at those hideous fashion disasters that I attempted. There is no exaggeration on the word hideous nor disaster, I mean I've tried so many different styling cues that I had no business trying. But that's just it, finding your personal style should be a progressive challenge and not simply following trends or other people. I have never been afraid to experiment with prints, colors and styles, still now I find myself exploring outside my comfort zone at times. At my age, I can sincerely say my personal style is the sum up of all that I have become. I'm very calm and mysterious by nature and currently my style depicts exactly that. In one day I can go from chic/ classic to bold/daring you never know ( heck I never know). Believe it or not, monochrome outfits are my favorite ( specially black on black) it's such a versatile and classic look that works for any season. And that's the beauty in it all, It's a fun and unpredictable journey. Get Inspired, but remember YOU!

Inspiration is all around

I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded and influenced by many amazing, powerful and stylish women over the years and I thought it would be fun and Informative to ask the same puzzling question to a few confident queens that I know. These ladies are rocking their unique and distinctive style with pride, maybe they will be able to explain their "pivotal moment" better than I can.


Taneeya A.

IG: @fashion_ova_everything

How did you find your unique style?

Through a lot of trial and ERROR II need to emphasize on the "error" part . I went to catholic school for majority of my life, so I was always desperately trying to find my ways to express myself. My college years played a major role in my personal style. It was a fresh start. I was known as "Pumps and Heels" no matter the weather I was in my 4-6 inches, heavily Influenced by TV shows such as Gossip Girl. Although I am a New York girl, I've never had the chance to embrace the fashion. But college allowed me to live my New York fashion fantasies in Dover Delaware.

A presentation on ( the negative betrayal of black women in the media) is what started it all. For that presentation of that paper, I did the unthinkable, I cut of al my hair to prove a point, It was the most liberating thing of my life. From that point on, I started to dance to my own beat , I started to dress however I felt suited me. I don't dress for anyone nor to Impress. My style Is me and me alone. I can't describe it nor will I try.


Talysha M.

IG: @_ngozi_

How did you find your unique style?

" Walk Into a room the first thing You're judged on is your appearance. So make it count and keep them wanting more".

Finding my fashion style was somewhat of an adventure. During my middle school days I was very much a tomboy. It is not until high school I began to explore the arts of dressing by playing around with colors and patterns. Entering college was the pivotal time for me; I encountered many schoolmates from philadelphia and their edgy yet glam fashion style left an Impression on me. I then decided to take my sense of style to the next level. I begin to understand what I liked and didn't like by playing with different silhouettes to properly accentuate my body. Oh and how can I forget, I fell in love with the color black. As time passed , I learned to channel my personality, confidence and beliefs through my wardrobe. My style has now been defined as clean, simple, modest, timeless and very feminine. For every female who is still in search of their own personal style, remember It's a process and adventure.


Tracy Petigny.

IG: @Tracypetigny

How did you find your unique style?

I've found my personal style at a very young age. I have always been stylish because of my mother. Growing up, my twin sister and I were always the HOT topic of family gatherings and practically everywhere. I've always love everything chic, trendy and mostly edgy. I am a firm believer that women should wear anything they want. That's why some days I'll wear booty shorts and other days I'll be fully covered it all depends on my mood. It is based on confidence and knowing your body shape. Meaning, my personal style is found in knowing who I am as a woman Confident, smart and ready to party.



IG: @Yendy_s

How did you find your unique style?

Like myself my style is ever evolving! I welcome change with an open arm for myself and as well as my style. I like to shop and get dressed with an open mind. So I guess I can say I am still a work in progress and that makes me happy to know the possibilities are endless.


Trish & Aly

IG- @selfieandrose

How did you find your unique style?

We have always been stylish from a very young age. We grew up with stylish women around and they left a huge Impact both of our sense of style.

~Tricia~ " My style is very minimalist and simple. I have always been Into fashion, it was natural to me."

~Alya~ " I would say my personal style is classy and sexy. A good pair of jeans and heels( perfect for me)."

We believe that it is always good to go with the styles that a complement your body type. Do not be afraid to add personal touches and go outside the box when it comes to fashion ( be unique). Two people can wear the same outfit, but their personal touch will differentiate them. That's our advice.


Soraya A.

IG: SOSO_loso

I stepped into a thrift store for the first time and I found my sense of style. I gravitated towards colors, prints feminine and timeless pieces, little did I know I I was building my own personal style. I truly feel excited going shopping and the creative aspects of putting an outfit together. I believe the women that I was surrounded by as a child impacted my sense of style greatly, I took notes from each of them. They helped me in embracing my femininity and expressing my unique style ( I remember always wanting tower many of their pieces). Now, My style is me! It represents the woman that I am before any Introduction. I am bold, colorful,edgy,feminine and timeless. That's my personality and that's how I describe my style.

~ Try clothes that complement your body and personality~


P.S- Let's discuss our struggles with personal style in the comments below.

By: Stephanie Taina



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