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Three books In Three weeks

To the #bookworms and #bookaholics like myself, this one's for you! And If you're not Into books, don't panic, there may be hope for you yet:)

A few of my lovely books

Three Picks.

For starters, The three books I choose could've have read all three lovely books In one week, however, I took a different approach feeding my mind this time around. A month ago during a blustery Sunday evening, I wound up reading the #Alchemist for the hundredth time. A couple pages Into the book, I thought to myself "I still can't believe some people find this book overrated.. I mean are they Insane? this book Is Gold...I can read It all day".

While my mind went on a rant questioning others' motives and mental state for having preferences, it dawned on me "pause, shouldn't something be said about every one of the books you've read and still have a clue to what they are about". And just like that friends, I caught myself being a Hypocrite (shocking).

>>> Long story short, I decided to rehash a couple of books that I did not fully grasp when I first read them. And I also applied this new approach to new books.


Number 1. The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz

“Your point of View Is something that is personal to you. It is no one's true but yours.” Don Miguel Ruiz

Now The Four Agreements is a crowd favorite. I don't know a single soul who doesn't love this book. Frankly, I didn't completely comprehend what this book was all about the first time I read It. At the time, I think I only read it because It's a well-known book that's on many people's lists. So I decided to give It another go and this time, I took my time and read to understand.

>>>> New perspective- It's a very short and easy read ( right up my alley), non-book lovers will love this one, especially if you are in the "growing stage of life". The wisdom In this book Is outstanding and ridiculously simple. Without sharing too much, here are some points I got from it this time around. #TheFourAgreements

* Its big on Self-love

* Encourages us to spread love

* Pretty all about how to live a simple and happy life


Number 2. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

"The Universe is totally freaking out about how awesome you are"

This book was a blessing from a stunning friend of mine who saw potential In me even when I didn't. I was desperate for a mentor at the time; moreover, she served just as that without even knowing It. Just like many of the books she Introduced me too, I rapidly read #YouAreABadass because I wanted to know why she thought " it was perfect for me".

The first run through the book, I did somewhat understand the concept. But It wasn't until another friend of mine explained to me the numerous lessons this book has taught her that I decided to give It another try.

>>> Update- This book is a self-help and if you're In the right state of mind, you will get all the wonderful and witty advice It has to offer. The book Is very truthful so you might not like It If you're not up for the real deal. I love how she breaks down different fundamentals that I've read In other self-help books, she uses the simplest terms to help readers better understand her point and direction. #YouAreABadass

* Be Honest about your actions, Intentions, and thoughts.

* Teaches how to reconnect with yourself and higher purpose.


Number 3. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

P.S. This Is a new read for me.

While listening to my morning motivational speeches one morning, one of the speakers mentioned this book and I obviously purchased It Instantly.

I absolutely love It simply because I wouldn't normally go for a book like this. Don't let the title fool you, though It does touch on financial success, this book centers primarily on the power of our thoughts and its effect. This book Is a Gem despite its age, I find the lessons to be completely relevant and I will definitely read It again multiple times.

What I have learned from this book

*No matter what you're trying to accomplish in life, Have a plan.

* Passion Is needed In order for us to emulate success.

* Be decisive. Meaning don't be like Allie from the #TheNotebook (make up your dang mind).

* teaches you to manage your mind and thoughts properly .

*Basically this book should be added to your bookshelf.

That's all from me folks

If you have read any of these books or are willing to pick one up. Please share your views.

By: Stephanie Taina



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