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Why I travel alone

Wait, you’re going alone?…. But why don't you have friends? ... Aren't you scared, I mean you are a girl after all.

Just some of the many odd and yet real questions that I’ve been subjected to answer over my many years of traveling alone. I never take offense to any of them because I am fully aware we live in scary times and safety concerns should always be a priority. So why take the chance and travel alone? Simple, It will change your life!

Game Changer!

Many wonderful solo travel stories begin with a brave soul who makes an executive decision to embark on a self-discovery journey. Solo traveling encourages you to take charge of your mental state, it empowers and challenge you beyond all limitations. Being out of your comfort zone on your own allows you the opportunity to self reflect and discover all the wonderful layers that makes you.. YOU.

You’re in charge

You do what you want, when you want, how you want, whenever you want. No restrictions or demands That simple.

Goodbye comfort zone.. Hello Confidence

We are placed on this planet to explore and grow, therefore staying in a safe space will never allow us to fully reach our potential. Traveling alone opens door to various types of wonderful scenarios that will help boost self confidence. It forces you to branch out make connections and strike conversations with complete strangers.

Bask in your peace

Being alone teaches you to be happy and enjoy your own company. Not having to rely on others to be content.

Meet the world

For a wanderlust like me, this world is way too magical to not want to explore all its treasures. There's just something about exploring other cultures, languages and people that truly humbles you and reminds you to be grateful. Solo travels generate a sense of understanding and gratitude for all human beings and life in general.

XOXO Steph


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